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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What kind of work does BetteR Designs do?

A: BetteR Designs is your source for embroidery on Shirts, Caps, Jackets, Casual Business wear, Aprons, Baby blankets, Bibs, and just about anything else that can support a thread and needle. I do work for all your different needs, whether you need something for business, promotions, family, conventions or golf outings.

Q: Do you work with companies from other countries?

A: Of course! I am ready, and well equipped to deal with the global community! If United Parcel Service is in your location, I can go to work for you right away! It is easy to handle most if not all of the particulars for your order in a professional and personal manner right here on the Internet. With fingertips, you get service that is just like being at my shop!

Q: Do you have a catalog of designs?

A: For the most part, I create designs to your specifications. However, I also have a stock design catalog containing over 6,000 designs - which would be most difficult to post on the Internet or combine into a single catalog. If you are interested in a specific topic, I can fax or e-mail you images from my collection that would best suit your needs.

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Q: Do you supply the items to be embroidered?

A: Yes! I can supply you with highest quality, name-brand apparel that was made specifically for embroidery. I can also work with quality garments you provide. If you elect to provide your own goods for production, please be aware that embroidery is a manufacturing process, and some spoilage is likely to occur. While I endeavor to provide 100% quality on every piece in every order, the embroidery industry as a whole rejects 2% of every order sewn. I cannot be held responsible for spoilage that is within this tolerance. If you elect to provide goods for embroidery it is wise to send me a sample for inspection, since not every garment is capable of supporting or accepting quality embroidery.

Q: What kind of minimum ordering does BetteR Designs have?

A: I do not have a minimum order, but you can get price breaks when ordering the same item in dozens. (Same size, color, etc)

Q: How much does embroidery cost?

A: I realize that most shoppers start their purchasing process by comparing prices. That is very difficult when shopping for embroidery. Since no two embroidery jobs are quite alike, pricing an embroidery order is a difficult task. I can tell you that BetteR Designs offers the highest quality service at a competitive price. All designs are quoted based upon estimated stitch count and quantity, and I always offer a firm quotation of price in advance. See my "PRICES" page to get a general idea of Embroidery costs.

Q: Can I phone in, or fax in, my order?

A: Yes. You can e-mail a description or scanned image of your requirements to me by e-mailing, or fax me your ideas for a quote at 1-515-202-4566. I will return a quotation for your approval as quickly as possible.